Lee's Weddings for Less
About Us

I started my business after I found myself doing weddings for friends and family. I enjoy very much being able to get and give my brides the most bang for their buck.

Our motto is "It is YOUR DAY YOUR WAY" but without the stress and all that comes with planning and coordinating the most important day of your life -- one time in a woman's life she definitely knows is all about her and is entitled to.

I am a mother of 6 (yes 6). So that is my reference for stamina, patience, and tolerance through chaos -- Because I am still here and most importantly they are ;-) and thriving.

To sum it up I have to say if you're looking for smiles, laughter, and calm through the storm you will love to get to know more of what I can do for you. Best of luck and much joy in all brides' new futures.

Gail Willson
(owner of Lee's Weddings for Less)